Mark Frobose Has Done A Great Service To Those Who Desire To Learn A Foreign Language
Mark Frobose has done a great service to those who desire to learn a foreign language by cutting through the fear and nonsense concerning language learning. If you follow Mark’s methods, you are sure to enjoy the language learning journey almost as much as the destination.

Lawrence A. Walker – Multilingual Diplomat
U.S. State Department and U.S. Foreign Service, Retired.
Functionally Fluent in 11 Different Languages

Mark Frobose Is A Sort Of Linguistic Robin Hood
Mark Frobose is a sort of linguistic Robin Hood that robs from dull experts and uninteresting professors and gives the dynamic of language back to those thirsty to learn. If his methods didn’t work, he wouldn’t be able to converse with half the planet in the way that he does.

Simon Kerruish/Investment Banker
M.A. (Cantab) Cambridge, England Founder of
Hardy Advisors LLC - McLean, VA

Power Spanish Accelerated Does An Excellent Job
Power Spanish Accelerated does an excellent job of brilliantly demonstrating the very qualities that the Pimsleur and Behind the Wheel programs sadly lack. Power Spanish features far more native Spanish speakers, a lot of creative and unique drills and exercises that give the program life and variety, and it's all presented to the learner in a very positive and upbeat tone that always keeps you motivated to learn.

Daniel E. Gardner
Amazon Language Aficionado & Reviewer

Brilliant And Wonderful Language Teacher
Mark Frobose is a brilliant and wonderful language teacher.

Peter Miller “The Literary Lion”
Top International Literary Agent and Film Producer
of Eleven New York Times Bestsellers, and Fourteen Produced Films

Mark Frobose Is The Leading Language Expert In America Today
Mark Frobose is the leading language expert in America today. Try his unique approach and use his creative and unconventional methods. You’ll be glad you did.

Alan Weiss
Bestselling Author and Business Consultant

You Are Doing A Great Service Helping Adults Like Me Learn New Languages
Thank you Mark - you are a great teacher and hopefully you will make more such audiobooks like Power Spanish as you are doing a great service helping adults like me learn new languages.

Thadi Murali
Engineer, Chicago, IL

Easiest Access To Rapid Fluency Of Any Method I Know
By using himself as a kind of living experiment, Mark created and perfected his brilliant and immensely effective language teaching approach, along with his best-selling LanguageAudiobooks® foreign language series, which offer the easiest access to rapid fluency of any method I know.

Beverly Allen, Ph.D.
William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities;
Professor, French, Italian and Comparative Literature, Syracuse University

My Gratitude To You Mark
From my thirty years of teaching experience, I can attest to Mark Frobose's excellence as a language teacher. My gratitude to you Mark.

Dr. Gautam Dasgupta Ph.D
Professor, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics,
Columbia University, New York, NY

It's Easy, Fun And Interactive Learning
Compared to super expensive Rosetta Stone, this works so much better for me. It's easy, fun and interactive learning. They speak it in English , translate it to Spanish , you repeat it over and over again. Easy as pie.

D. Jaramillo
Amazon Reviewer & Language Learner