Language Expert,
Mark Frobose

“Mark Frobose is the leading language expert in America today.”  “Try his unique approach and use his creative and unconventional methods.” 
“You’ll be glad you did.

Alan Weiss Ph.D

One of the World’s Top Consultants and Worldwide Expert in Executive Education

Bestselling Author of  “Million Dollar Consulting” and “Money Talks”


“So why is Mark so phenomenally successful that people want to buy his approach? Mark is a sort of linguistic Robin Hood that robs from dull experts and uninteresting professors and gives the dynamic of language back to those thirsty to learn.”

Simon Kerruish/Investment Banker
M.A. (Cantab) Cambridge
Chief Investment Advisor, HSBC Private


From my 30 years of teaching experience, I can attest to Mark Frobose’s excellence as a language teacher.”

Dr. Gautam Dasgupta
Columbia University


“Mark Frobose is a brilliant and wonderful language teacher."

Peter Miller “The Literary Lion”
Top International Literary Agent and Film Producer of Eleven New York Times Bestsellers, and Fourteen Produced Films


Mark Frobose has done a great service to those who desire to learn a foreign language by cutting through the fear and nonsense concerning language learning. If you follow Mark’s methods, you are sure to enjoy the language learning journey almost as much as the destination.

Lawrence A. Walker
Multilingual Career Diplomat in the U.S. State Department and U.S. Foreign Service
Functionally Fluent in 11 Different Languages


As a person who wants to be comfortable talking with people from other countries and in other countries, I would choose Mark Frobose’s methods over all others any day.

Beverly Allen Ph.D
Professor of French, Italian, & Comparative Literature
Syracuse University


I am pleased to tell you how much I am enjoying learning Spanish through your excellent program. Anything new can be difficult, but the structure of the course, beginning with how easily a beginner can learn to construct sentences, gives even the most timid a sense of accomplishment.

Linda Kuzca, Insurance Broker, Chicago,IL


I really have loved all of the Behind the Wheel Spanish courses. Behind the Wheel Spanish 3 is challenging for me, but that is good. It’s perfect for me because I have a 45 minute commute each way, to and from work. It makes my drive time very productive.

Marty Fukai, Business Analyst at Marketocracy Inc., San Mateo, CA


Let me say first how very pleased I am with Behind the Wheel Spanish. Very engaging, perfect pace for me, and for the first time in 14 years of fighting rush hour traffic, I actually look forward to my commute as one of the high points of my day. Thank you for your fine product.

Kevin R. Feasell, Attorney, Cors & Bassett LLC,
Cincinnati, OH


Hi Mark,

I love Behind the Wheel! Have learned a lot of Spanish that way! Congrats!

My 85-year-old mother introduced me to Behind the Wheel Spanish because I’ve got a long commute and she and I share a love of languages. What I like best the program is its immediate translations. Some other programs make you wade through paragraphs of text that you don’t necessarily understand. Here you can understand every word and phrase. The dialogue feels friendly and practical. Now Mom and I have a Panama Canal trip planned together, and are eager to try our new skills.

Muchas Gracias Mark Frobose!

Mariah Burton Nelson

(Renowned Author, Speaker, Athlete)

Mariah is the author of five books, including most recently We Are All Athletes: Bringing Courage, Confidence and Peak Performance Into Our Everyday Lives. She also writes for Newsweek, The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today and other publications. She regularly appears on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Dateline, Crossfire, Geraldo Rivera and Prime Time Live. She also is a past president of the Washington, D.C. chapter of the National Speakers Association.


I just wanted to let you know that I study lots of different Languages also as you have, my first foriegn language was Tagalog when I was stationed in the Philippines with the US Air Force, my second foriegn language was Japanese, during the time I lived in Hawaii, my third foreign language was Thai, because I fell in love with a few Thai girls in my life, my current foreign language is Spanish because I am currently living in Tijuana Mexico.

I usually pick up my language courses at the local swap meet because this allows me to review the courses at a cheaper price then I will buy brand new copies if I really like the course.

Okay so my point here being so far is I have studied many different language programs and in so doing I have also developed an interest in course formats, and teaching styles, and exactly how the mind absorbs information.

I just wanted to point that out because I picked up your “Conversational Spanish in Nothing Flat” Audio Course with CDs and a Book inside it. (Dated 2003)

I was surprised at how well you did that audio portion of the course. I was really impressed with your technique. The book I didn’t like at all. I barely cracked the book, except I looked at it long enough to see it didn’t even come CLOSE to matching the format on the audio, and I didn’t see much use for it after that.

But the audio technique you use is brilliant! You were very smooth and articulate on the audio and the way you converse with the Spanish speaker makes it sound almost like a talk show. It was extremely entertaining as well as informing. I felt like I wanted to pay attention, I felt like I was part of the class just listening.

I also noticed that you were intelligent enough to know what difficulties the student often encounters, and you emphasize those areas, but you do it so smooth as if it is not scripted, it is as if you are discovering the confusing parts yourself as you are recording the audio. That is brilliant! It adds a human element to the whole thing that makes people feel like they are sitting in the room with you.

The most amazing thing I discovered in listening to your CDs is I was actually REMEMBERING the Material!! 🙂

You DID IT! You figured out the Secret! The way to relax the mind so the mind can absorb the material! Outstanding! That’s all I can say.

I looked at all of those other courses such as Barons, Euro-Talk, and Rosetta Stone, and Instant Immersion, Language 30, and many others too. Lots of them have interesting techniques, but often times I found they were not very effective. I wasn’t remembering the material.

But the way you speak is almost an art, because you figured out how to talk so you don’t fatigue the mind, and the mind stays fresh. This is really awesome.

I just felt I had to write you and tell you how much I really admire you as a teacher, because I not only study the courses, but the teaching style as well. And I really like your style.

Thanks for producing this course, I live in Tijuana, I work in San Diego CA, I ride the trolley back and forth to work everyday, and while I am on the Trolley I listen to your Audio Course then go home to Tj and I USE everything I learn listening to your audio course everyday.

I will check out the other courses you offer especially if you are the Speaker on them.

Also on your podcast page, maybe you should have someone interview YOU, and you could talk about what got you started in doing language programs, and how you learned about these speaking techniques. Because I’m not sure if you realize it or not, but you are an inspiration not only to other Teachers and Students, but also to people in the Broadcast Arts. You could wind up with your own talk show with the skills you have if you wanted it.

Thanks again,

Mark Evans
US Air Force

(SUA)San Diego, CA
Tijuana, Mexico


I have found your system to be quite helpful. You have created a wonderful method which is much appreciated. Thanks for being my language coach and instructor.

Glenn R. Gourley M.D.
Research Director
Professor Pediatrics
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN


“In the year since beginning a new job as an administrative law judge in California, I regularly spend many hours driving to my several hearing locations. Trying to “make lemon juice out of lemons”, I tried Spanish Behind the Wheel to complete what I have regarded as “unfinished business” since taking(and loving) a single semester of Spanish in college. I am extremely happy with my rapid and continuing progress toward fluency. Thank you for creating a truly great tool (and driving partner).”

Ken Merrill
Administrative Law Judge
Long Beach, CA


“I just wanted to say that I went through your Behind the Wheel Spanish 1 course a while back and found it to be *extremely* helpful for a beginner. I can’t believe you had me making up my very own sentences so quickly! No other course I tried succeeded in doing that. That’s why I recommend your courses wherever possible. … I like to think of Behind the Wheel Spanish as HUGE initial stepping stone that really made a difference in my ability to speak a foreign language.”

Dr. Leslie Brown
Los Pinos, La Orotava
Tenerife, Canary Islands


Of all the methods I have used in the past, I’ve really enjoyed your format the most. The CDs are user friendly, they make long trips in the car educational, the voices are very easy to listen to, and they are really fun. You have developed a wonderful product.”

Diana Wood, Motorola-Employee Relations West Coast
San Diego, CA


“Mark Frobose is truly a caring language coach! He certainly goes the extra mile to help a student in need! What a an exceptionally kind person he is. I have tried many language learning programs. However, I found Mark’s language methods and course to be the most logical, easiest to understand and, above all, the most effective. The recordings are clear and interesting. The examples and lessons he offers can be quickly incorporated into daily conversations. I know this for a fact as I had tried other programs and I was still nearly incapable of communicating with my French speaking friends in Paris. After studying Mark’s book, working on the lessons and listening to his CDs, all the dots began to connect and now I am enjoying more and more complex conversations with my friends. Truly, Mark Frobose and his teaching methods are outstanding!”

Stella Jones
Life Coach and Relationship Advisor
Portage, Wisconsin


“A vote of confidence from someone who has done so much himself to advance language education in this country is especially appreciated.”

The Honorable Paul Simon
Late U.S. Senator from Illinois
Foreign Language Education Enthusiast
Author of ‘The Tongue-Tied American’

See PDF of Paul Simon’s Letter to Mark Frobose


Learn Foreign Languages Review

Mark Frobose is absolutely a foreign language emblem. He has received enormous success in the language enterprise for over 25 years now. Mark has written and recorded more than 60 foreign language programs, where a number of them are bestsellers. His students diverge from the professors of Columbia University who remarked that indeed he is a brilliant teacher, and average college students evaluated him similarly. It is no question that his creative and unconventional methods truly get positive results.